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Frequently Asked Questions about franchising

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MBE Franchise FAQs

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Why do you use a franchise system?

A franchising system lets you use your entrepreneurial spirit to the maximum. While also giving you access to the support structure and economies of scale only usually available to the largest corporations.

What is a franchisee?

A franchisee is one of the signatories of a franchise agreement. They are a distinct legal entity, financially and legally independent of the franchisor.

Will I get training?

Yes. You will receive an initial four-week block of training on the basic aspects of operating your franchise, with a focus on business development skills. The course consists of classroom, in-store and field training sections.
After your initial training, you will then have access to ongoing training courses in numerous different fields. Primarily, sales skills and business operations.

Will I get help to choose my location and open my MBE Center?

Yes. After opening more than 2500 Centers around the world, MBE knows the conditions a new Center needs in order to be successful. You will get full assistance and advice on choosing your location.
Once you’ve chosen your location, you will have your build-out fully supervised too. MBE has layouts, floor plans and set requirements for fixtures and furnishings which make setting up your Center much easier. You will need to meet all of MBE’s standards before you can open. But knowing the proven way to make your Center work best from an interior design standpoint ensures your opening is highly cost-effective.

How do I get customers?

The MBE brand is known around the world. The success of the brand relies on national-level advertising, of course. But it is also closely linked to an idea which we call “farming”. This involves cultivating all of the people which everyone in the MBE network interacts with on a daily basis. Making sure that they have their needs met each and every time.
The services you will offer as an MBE Center are ideal for small and medium businesses as well as local individuals. By listening to them, respecting them and solving their problems, you will soon become as indispensable to your local business community as the thousands of other MBE Centers worldwide.

Will the MBE business concept work in my city?

Almost certainly. The fact that there are currently over 2500 MBE Centers in more than 40 different countries around the world shows you just how adaptable the business concept is. No matter your cultural or economic environment, you will find it applies.

What is a franchise agreement?

A franchise agreement is made between two parties: a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchisor has a well-known trademark and brand, special processes, expertise and technical and commercial skills which they agree to allow the franchisee to use in exchange for a fee.

Does a franchisee need investment capital?

Not necessarily. But any business does require funding to get off the ground. A standard part of setting up an MBE franchise is getting clear advice as to which combination of financial resources is right for you personally. This could include private funding, loans or grants, subsidies and more.
MBE has already helped 2500 entrepreneurs set up their Centers worldwide. We know what works. And we have agreements with several banks and financial institutions who know we are a safe investment.

Can I get further training?

A. The ongoing training you will be offered comes in several varieties. Workshops. In-center programs. Videos. Sessions co-sponsored by vendors. Meetings with other franchise owners and more.
They are run either by high-level company experts, master franchisees or other people with experience and skills which you can learn from.

Will my MBE Center's location be exclusive to me?

Yes. Your franchise agreement will set up a clear geographical area in which no other MBE Centers will be opened.

Can I buy an existing MBE Center?

Yes. When current franchisees retire, for example, existing MBE Centers do occasionally become available.
When you’re choosing your location, you will get clear advice as to the option of buying an existing Center.

Why would I get an MBE franchise instead of starting my own company?

Starting any new business requires a lot of work. It can also potentially take a long time to become profitable. You can also come up against challenges which require a certain type of expertise to solve. Expertise which you might not yet have.
With an MBE franchise, you have the experience, proven processes and expertise of a global brand supporting you. You can get set up quickly. Get trading faster. Ask questions when you have them. And you also have the economies of scale of a large brand. This means reduced risk and lower costs in many areas.
If you need to know more, ask anyone who is part of the MBE network. They’ll be happy to tell you about their experience as an MBE franchisee.

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