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Me in MBE - the MBE franchise owner experience

Being part of MBE makes you a problem solver. Customers call or walk into their local MBE Center with challenges.

It’s your job to overcome them.

What will I be doing day-to-day?

Your MBE Center will be undertaking hundreds or even thousands of simple jobs each and every day. These relatively straightforward jobs – which might include packing, storing, shipping, receiving, printing, binding, forwarding, graphic design and much more besides – add up to highly efficient processes which let our customers save time, money and resources.

On any given day, you might:

  • Help a small local business efficiently deliver its products to its expanding client base
  • Ship vital returns or parts for a company with holdings in diverse parts of the world
  • Assist someone in emigrating to a new country by arranging the shipment of all of their worldly possessions
  • Set up a business person’s virtual mailbox so that they can receive documents while they’re away
  • • Design or advise on a company’s print marketing campaign literature before printing and distributing it

It’s situations like these and a million others that you will come across and overcome every day.

Who will my customers be?

Your customers will hail from all sizes of company and all walks of life. Your extensive portfolio of customer-centric services ensures that you will be an option for any person or business with a communication, logistics, printing or graphic design-based problem.

By solving their problem, you will become a vital part of the way they do business. By engaging with them personally, you start to build a relationship with your customer. Frequently, this relationship may extend to that business’s owners and managers as well as members of their team.

Thanks to the national-level marketing which MBE conducts, awareness of the MBE brand consistently creates new leads for you.

What do I get out of it?

Hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide have found success through an MBE franchise.

You need to bring your own dedication to hard work and passion for entrepreneurship. But in return, you will get the support you need to become a business owner. Become your own boss. Take control of your lifestyle. All while being able to rely on the business analysis, expertise and support you need for further growth and development.

Why Choose Us



That’s right, we’re locally owned
and close by, meaning you get
your job fast



Our in-house services including
print and couriers mean we
turnaround jobs fast.



Our reputation is paramount
and we take great pride in our workmanship.
Nothing leaves our centres without passing stringent quality checks.



MBE has been around since the
1980’s. You can trust our well
known, international brand.

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What would you do every day as an MBE franchise owner? Help a small business deliver products via its eCommerce platform? Plan shipping for unusual items? Design marketing literature for a company, then distribute it? Who would your customers be? Find out more about the MBE franchise experience on our Me in MBE

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