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Your Hassle-Free Packaging and Shipping Service in Hong Kong

Save yourself the time of packaging and sending each individual item. Take all the hassle out of mailing an entire list of addresses. MBE’s packaging and shipping service in Hong Kong is delivered by professionally trained logistics experts. That means your shipment is carefully handled – no matter the challenges involved in getting it where it needs to go.

Heavy or difficult items will not be a problem. The extensive experience of the team handling your goods ensures that size or weight will not be an issue. If you cannot imagine how to transport an item, simply get in touch. We will find you the perfect solution.

Tough and durable packaging materials. The professional packaging service included as part of your Pack & Ship option will always include the selection of the most suitable packing materials. The logistics experts in your local solutions center know how to safely package any item you might need to ship.

Get the best rates every time. You always get the best value for money on your shipment, no matter the size. After comparing all of the deals we have with our most suitable shipping partners, we select the most cost-effective one for you.

Your all-in-one shipping service. Simply provide a list of the destinations you need your items sent to. We can envelope, package and address all items prior to dispatching them to any and all addresses on your mailing list. You do not need to lift a finger.

Speak with an expert today. Find out just how easy it can be to ship any item to anywhere in the world.

National shipping service

Send a single item to the next street or easily organise multiple shipments to destinations across the nation.

European Shipping Service

Need to ship items to any country – inside or outside of the EU?

Worldwide Shipping Service

What are the biggest challenges in worldwide shipping? Customs checks?

MBE SafeValue

MBE SafeValue is the ultimate peace of mind. It covers all of the costs of packing and shipping as well as the value of any loss or damage to your items themselves.


Need to import goods to Hong Kong? No matter what they are – raw materials, components, items, auction purchases – we make the meeting all international customs requirements simple.

Pallets shipping

Ship pallets of merchandise to and from locations in Hong Kong and around the world.

Professional Packing

Ship any item to any location safely. MBE’s professional packing service is ideal for Hong Kong businesses and residents who need to send valuable or vulnerable items..

Translocate (MBE Special Moving)

Ship any kind of heavy or awkward item – without hassle or fuss.

Isothermal shippings

Wine shipping

MBE knows how to ship wine. Import and export wine to any location, tracking your goods with ease.

Shipping lists review

Shipping companies regularly update their rates to reflect changes in the market.

F.A.Q. Shipping and Packaging

Find out more about MBE’s services and how you can get the best out of them.

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