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Your Fully Customizable National Shipping Service in Hong Kong

Ship any item or items of any size to any domestic location. MBE’s national shipping service in Hong Kong lets you quickly and easily arrange one-off deliveries, regular shipments or send sporadic or occasional packages to any district or territory. Whatever your commercial or private needs, you will always get your packages placed in the hands of the courier which is right for you:

Secure the most cost-effective carrier for your items. Your package will be sent using single or multiple carriers, via intermodal freight options – whatever gets you the best value for your money while meeting your delivery schedule.

Monitor your items live while in transit. Use your MBE app or our other tracking options to check on the status and location of your items at any time.

Get notified of delivery. Choose to receive delivery notification by email or phone when your item arrives at its destination.

Manage your monthly shipments with ease. Whether you are a regular or one-off user of our national shipping service, you can get monthly billing, regular operations summaries and choose contact methods and set up scheduled shipments to make your service work the way you want it to.

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Our in-house services including
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Our reputation is paramount
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Nothing leaves our centres without passing stringent quality checks.


MBE has been around since the
1980’s. You can trust our well
known, international brand.

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Get a level of support that is the perfect match for your requirements. You can just as easily use us to affordably mail a single secure document as to manage the efficient distribution of all the products sold by your business. You can add home collection, preferential delivery schedules – whatever you need – to completely personalise your national shipping service.

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