Non-Standard Shipping and Translocation Service for Hong Kong

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MBE Special Move - Non-Standard Shipping and Translocation Service for Hong Kong

Ship any kind of heavy or awkward item – without hassle or fuss. MBE Special Move is the non-standard shipping and translocation service ideal for all Hong Kong’s business and personal needs. Ship house contents, vehicles, furniture and much more with ease. Get a quote and find out more about heavy item shipping today.

Ship heavy or awkward objects without the usual fuss or hassle. MBE Special Move is a specialist non-standard shipping and translocation service for Hong Kong companies and individuals who need to transport bulky or otherwise unwieldy items. This can mean objects such as vehicles, furniture, the contents of entire properties and much more besides.

Get matched with the most suitable shipping partner. Because of MBE’s worldwide network of partner carriers, you will always get the best deal on your translocation service. Even if it means using multiple carriers, multiple modes of transport such as by plane, ship, train and truck or express routes, your items will get to where they need to go.

Handle even unusual goods. MBE can find you a transport solution for almost any kind of item or items you might have, no matter their size or weight. The only we things absolutely cannot arrange transit for are items prohibited by law in the origin or destination countries or by our own code of practice guidelines. If you need advice about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Customs requirements managed for you. Your non-standard shipping service will include the usual handling of all the paperwork and documentation required, as well as other customs duties and requirements.

Perfect for even the heaviest or most unusual items. In the past, MBE Special Move has been used to transport:

  • Cars, motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles
  • Items of furniture such as armchairs, sofas and tables
  • Appliances for domestic and commercial use
  • All of the contents of a property
  • Heavy parcels, pallets and bulky items of all kinds

For free advice and information on how to handle your latest shipping challenge, get in touch. You will always be able to find out more and get a clear quote on arranging transport for even the most difficult consignment.

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If you do not know the best way to ship a certain item because of its size, shape or weight, simply get in touch with the experts in your local MBE Center. Having arranged thousands of shipments into, out of and across Hong Kong and globally, they will know how to get your shipment to where it needs to go.

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