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Ship anything from a single valuable bottle to commercial-scale shipments of wine. MBE creates wine shipping solutions for individuals as well as companies of all sizes. Are you a wine producer? A wine shop, bar or restaurant owner? A professional sommelier? Or simply a fan of wine or event manager looking to supply your next event?

MBE manages your entire shipment for you. Making sure your bottles arrive safely, on time and on budget.

Safeguard your investment with specialist packing materials. Normally during transit, wine bottles are extremely vulnerable to breakages. Your local MBE Solutions Center will have access to special wooden packing containers and other materials for ensuring your bottles arrive intact every time. The experienced logistics professionals responsible for your packaging will have taken care of this job hundreds of times before.

Beat customs requirements, required documentation and tax regulations. Get every aspect of your wine shipping service managed in one easy move.

Ship to any destination – on any timetable. No matter where you need your wine to come from or go to, MBE makes sure it gets there. Always choosing the best carriers for you – even if this means multimodal options, multiple couriers or express couriers to get you what you need.

Special service for wine export for personal use in the USA. The United States has special rules in many states regarding wine shipping for personal use. MBE can help you keep in line with all Food and Drug Administration rules, custom duties, tax and more. So all you need to consider is where and when you need your wine to arrive.

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