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Comprehensive Retail Logistics Solutions in Hong Kong

Save your staff’s time, your own resources and space on your premises. MBE’s retail logistics services give Hong Kong businesses and companies around the world the complete, flexible solution to all their logistic needs.

Why employ extra personnel or waste existing man-hours, money and space for a result which will never be as good as that delivered by the professionals?

MBE makes it easy:

Efficiently manage all your operational processes. It’s much more than just getting your goods where they need to go. You can manage the storage and assembly of materials, their withdrawal, match them with printed documents such as instructions or item documentation, handle your inventory, manage returns and get regular reports on it all.

Professional packaging included in your service. The logistics specialists at your local MBE Center have access to the state-of-the-art packing materials and years of experience needed to ensure that all of your items get to where they are going in complete safety.

Specialty services for unusual goods. With very few exceptions, MBE can match you with specialist transport services even for goods which you can’t find an easy logistics solution for elsewhere. Get coverage no matter your industry.

All your goods protected in transit. Get comprehensive financial coverage for all items you send with MBE SafeValue.

Contact us now and talk to us about your retail and commercial needs. Get expert advice on a solution specially tailored to your particular business.

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